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Timetable changes

Od dnia 16 kwietnia 2018r., ulegną zmianie rozkłady jazdy linii 2, 3, 53C, 53D


Od dnia 15 kwietnia 2018r., ulegnie zmianie rozkład jazdy linii 8


Od dnia 14 kwietnia 2018r., ulegną zmianie rozkłady jazdy linii 6, 72


Od dnia 21 marca 2018 r. (środa) zmianie ulegną trasy autobusów linii 60A, 60B, 60C, 60D


Od dnia 19 marca 2018 r. (poniedziałek) zmianie ulegną trasy autobusów linii 77


Od dnia 10 marca 2018 r. (sobota) zmianie ulegną trasy autobusów linii 54A, 54B, 54C, 54D, 60A, 60B, 60C, 60D, 77, 80, 83


Od dnia 7 marca 2018 r. (środa),częściowej zmianie, w Ozorkowie, ulegnie trasa autobusów linii Z46


Od dnia 3 marca 2018 r. (sobota) zmianie ulegnie trasa autobusów linii Z1


Od dnia 18 lutego 2018r., zmianie ulegną rozkład jazdy linii 72


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2008-01-06 22:02


MPK-Łódź Spółka z o.o. runs activity that includes:

  • transport services within the range of public transport, contracted by the City Board of Łódź together with passenger service,
  • other contracted transport services by means of public transport means, the so-called close transports,
  • transport services for disabled persons by means of specialised transport,
  • manufacture of elements and regeneration of spare parts for own needs within the range of internal services,
  • services outside the company,
  • other activity (including other operational and financial activity).

Transport services rendered public transport means is realised by 4 transport plants (2 tram transport plants, 2 bus transport plants).

Within the range of other operational activity, the company:

  • manages the District Vehicle Control Station,
  • leads production and renovation-repair activity including production and repair of cars and trams as well as the production and repair of components for cars and trams,
  • realizes of roadworks, renovations and repair of surface of road, tram track and additional infrastructure – other construction works,
  • renders advertising services in respect of place lease for advertisements on trams and buses as well as bus and tram shelters and other buildings.


The company’s ordinary activities represent transport services. Transport tasks are performed on 102 lines, out of which:

  • 22 tram lines (plus trambus - line A),
  • 80 bus lines (73 day and 7 night lines).


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