Tickets and fares

2020-01-15 00:01

TICKETS AND FARES in public transport of Łódź

Full information about tickets, discounts and penalties is available at the Customer Office of MPK-Łódź, ul.Tramwajowa 6, tel. +48 42 672 13 43,


Zone 1 - the city of Łódź
Zone 2 – all suburban routes outside of Łódź
The stop which is the border of the zone is marked on the timetables: #
NOTE: there are completely different fees and tickets on local buses in Zgierz and Pabianice.


Reduced price (50%) is available, among others, to:
- children from 4 to 18 years of age (with a document with a date of birth),
- pupils (until the 26th birthday) and students (with Polish student ID or other document confirming status of student),
- students and pupils of foreign schools (with an ISIC card),
- old-age and disability pensioners (with a card issued by the Polish pension office).
The appropriate document should be shown in the case of a ticket inspection.

Residents of Łódź over 65 years old are entitled to a Senior Ticket, with special reduced price, saved on the MIGAWKA card.

Persons over 70 years old and children under 4 travel free of charge presenting a document with a date of birth.


Every paper ticket should be immediately validated in the validating machine. It must be the first action after entering the vehicle. This also applies to tickets bought in the ticket machine.

Also, buying a ticket in the smartphone application should be the first action after entering. Problems with the internet, the operation of the application or extended payment are not an excuse in the case of control. The Passenger should choose the form of payment to finalize the transaction immediately after boarding the vehicle.

It is the duty of each passenger to have a valid ticket throughout all the journey. If you can’t buy a ticket due to a closed ticket machine, then during the ticket inspection you must pay the inspector a 60-minute ticket price. If you don’t have cash, the inspector will print the bill and the value of the 60-minute ticket must be paid at the Customer Office or by transfer to a bank account. However, the inspector cannot always confirm that the fault of the machine is the cause of the refused sale. Then the controller issues a fine, and the Passenger can appeal it.

Tickets for the trips in the time interval

You can buy these tickets in shops, kiosks and ticket machines on the streets and inside some vehicles.

full price
reduced price
up to 20 min. (extended to 40 min.*)4,402,20
up to 40 min. (extended to 60 min.*)5,60
one day (zone 1)18,-
one day (zones 1+2)22,-

* - extending is valid until 31/12/2023




Old ticket denominations can still be used, for example with additional tickets. The total cost of tickets must correspond to the current price list.

Tickets for 20, 40 and 60 min. are valid in both zones – 1 and 2 – regardless of borders.

One day ticket is valid until the end of the day on which it was validated. This is not a 24-hour ticket.
After validation, You can use trams and buses (day and night lines) changing as many times as you like.

Short-term tickets

You can buy these tickets in special sales points and ticket machines on the streets and inside some vehicles.

full pricereduced price
Weekend ticket valid from Friday 6 pm to Monday 3 am (zone 1)18,-9,-
Weekend ticket valid from Friday 6 pm to Monday 3 am (zones 1+2)22,-
5-days ticket valid for 5 days starting from the date of validation (zone 1)63,-
5-days ticket valid for 5 days starting from the date of validation (zones 1+2)75,-

Long-term tickets

These tickets are saved on the electronic MIGAWKA card.


The card is issued after completing the application form available at the Customer Office of MPK-Łódź at ul.Tramwajowa 6. You can also complete the application form on and collect the card at the Customer Office. Next tickets You can buy at the Customer Office, in special sales points, on or in ticket machines on the streets and inside some vehicles. Tickets can also be saved on some student ID. A bearer card may be issued without completing the application form.
With a valid ticket on the card, You don’t have to touch it to any device. You only present it to ticket inspection.
There are special lower prices of long-term tickets for the residents of Łódź, who have a special card “Karta Łodzianina”. This card is also available to foreigners who have a Polish personal number PESEL and settle taxes in Łódź.

More information about the card “Karta Łodzianina” You can find on the website

for traveling without a valid ticket

In the case of the absence of a valid ticket during the ticket inspection or if there is no document entitling to a reduced price, the Passenger must pay the inspector a penalty fee or give the inspector a personal ID. Basic penalty fee is 504,- zł. The inspector adds to it value of 60-minute ticket. You can pay a penalty fee with 50% discount within 7 days.

If the penalty was imposed because You forgot Your valid personalized MIGAWKA card or student ID, You can show a forgotten document within 7 days at the Customer Office or Then You will pay only the handling fee 22,- zł and the penalty will be cancelled.

If You think that penalty is unjust, You can make a complaint at the Customer Office of MPK-Łódź, ul.Tramwajowa 6 or
Please remember that filing an appeal does not extend the 7-day period in which the fee is lowered. That's why we suggest to pay a reduced amount within 7 days. If the penalty fee is canceled, we will refund the amount paid.


Inside the vehicle is forbidden, among others, drinking alcohol, smoking, using e-cigarettes, using drugs.

It is forbidden to eat meals and drink beverages in a way that would endanger the pollution of other passengers and the vehicle.

A passenger who behaves inconsistently with the above rules may be reprimanded by the driver or a ticket inspector, and after an ineffective reminder may be removed from the vehicle by force, by the police, with the possibility of referring the case to court proceedings.

The passenger may carry animals, hand luggage, bicycles free of charge, in such a way that they do not hinder passage, do not threaten traffic safety, do not obscure the visibility of the driver and do not pose a threat to other passengers.