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Timetable changes

Od dnia 11 lutego 2019 r. zmianie ulegnie trasa linii 60D


Od dnia 6 lutego 2019 r. do odwołania, zmianie ulegną trasy linii tramwajowych 1, 5, 18


Od dnia 3 lutego 2019 r. ulegnie zmianie rozkład jazdy linii: 82A


Od dnia 1 lutego 2019 r. zmianie ulegną rozkłady jazdy linii 90A, 90B, 90C


Od dnia 1 lutego 2019 r. zmianie ulegnie trasa (w kierunku Rzgowa), autobusu linii 56


Od dnia 1 lutego 2019 r. ulegną zmianie rozkłady jazdy linii: 1, 11B, 17, 55, 76, 80, 83, 86A, 86B, 91A, 91B, 91C, 92, 96, 99, B, G1, G2, W, N5A, N5B


Od dnia 1 lutego 2019 r. zostanie uruchomiony tymczasowy przystanek autobusowy: - Przybyszewskiego - Piwnika Ponurego (4854) w kier. wsch. dla linii 80


Od dnia 5 stycznia 2019r.(sobota) zmianie ulegnie rozkład jazdy linii 10B


Od dnia 2 stycznia 2019 r. zmianie ulegnie trasa wybranych kursów linii 84A

- jednocześnie od dnia 2 stycznia 2019 r. zmianie ulegnie rozkład jazdy linii 84B


Od dnia 2 stycznia 2019 r. zmianie ulegnie trasa autobusu linii 60D


Od dnia 2 stycznia 2019 r. zmianie ulegną rozkłady jazdy linii 3, 12, 15, 16, 60A, 60B, 60C, 63, 86A, 86B


Od dnia 1 stycznia 2019 r. zmianie ulegną rozkłady jazdy autobusów linii 51A, 51B, 66


Od dnia 1 stycznia 2019 r. zmianie ulegną trasy linii 91A, 91B, 91C


Od dnia 1 stycznia 2019 r. zmianie ulegną rozkłady jazdy linii 8, 9A, 9B, 53A, 53B, 53C, 53D, 53E, 57, 68A, 68B, 75A, 75B, 75C, 87A, 87B, 90A, 90B, 90C, 91A, 91B, 91C, 94, G1, G2, Z13


Od dnia 22 grudnia 2018 r. trasa autobusowej linii 72 zostanie podzielona na dwa warianty 72A, 72B

- jednocześnie ulegnie zmianie trasa linii 92
- zawieszone zostaną autobusowe linie 72D i Z72


Od dnia 1 grudnia 2018 r. zmianie ulegną trasy autobusów linii 54A, 54B, 54C, 54D


Od dnia 25 listopada 2018 r. (niedziela) zmianie ulegnie trasa autobusu linii Z2


Od dnia 1 października 2018,r., zmianie ulegną trasy autobusów linii 54A, 54B, 54C, 54D, 55, 60A, 60B, 60C, 60D


Od dnia 19 sierpnia 2018 r. do odwołania (linia nocna od nocy 18/19 sierpnia br.) ulegną zmianie trasy linii 4, 13, 14, 55, 75A, 75B, N8

- ulegną zmianie rozkłady jazdy linii 2, 3, 8, 9B, 10B, 15, 70, 96
- uruchomione zostaną autobusowe linie 75C, Z13


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Rolling Stock- modernisation and overhauls

2008-01-07 10:52

Rolling Stock- modernisation and overhauls

Technical Plant

Technical Plant is experienced in the field of repair and mending of transport means as well as in production and regeneration of units and parts, mainly for trams. Equipment and technological level of carriages modernised in Łódź (105N/805N) correspond to the highest technological trends of high-level floor vehicles. The high level of modernisation causes that the Company offers its product to other firms of societal communication. The high quality of work can be proven by the renovations of historical tram cars, assembly of Bombardier Cityrunners and modernisation  of Ikarus 280 and Jelcz 181 MB.

Modernisation, renovations, regeneration and tram part supply

  • whole-vehicle renovation and modernisation of 805N tram cars
  • whole-vehicle renovation of Ikarus buses
  • regeneration and production of tram and bus parts
  • folded tram coupler
  • historical cars renovation
  • comprehensive supply of tram parts
  • 24-hour prices
  • delivery ex customer's warehouse

Technological innovations

  • printed boards in GBT starters
  • door hinge bearing
  • driver's cabin separation
  • shoe brake's lever mechanism

Whole-vehicle renovation of "Ikarus" buses  

  • comprehensive disassembly of the bus
  • truss repairs
  • external side sheathing exchange
  • painting and anti-rust securing of external sheathing plates, closed shapes, chassis truss and body framework
  • repairs of parts, sub-assemblies and equipment
  • lacquering of the whole vehicle, as required by the customer
  • reliable technologies
  • best materials
  • modern solutions, successfully used in MPK - Łódź Spółka z o.o.

Regeneration and production of tram and bus sub-assemblies

They include, among others:

  • LTa engine regeneration
  • PTa 44/5 converter regeneration
  • GBT starters regeneration
  • Reproductive renovations of contactors
  • SUT-300, STT-300, STT-150
  • Renovation and regeneration of reversing switches
  • Regeneration of reversing switches' contacts
  • Direct current and alternating current engines recoiling
  • Balancing of drive shafts, impellers, engines
  • PER and PZR transmitters repairs
  • PTR inverters repairs
  • Electric ticket-punchers and controllers repairs
  • RNE regulators repairs
  • IFE controllers repairs
  • Regeneration of bus starters and automotive alternators
  • Repairs of door machinery and door machinery engines


Whole-vehicle renovation of "Ikarus 280" buses


Whole-vehicle renovation of "Jelcz M181MB" buses


Assembly of Cityrunners


Renovation of historical cars


Historical tram car "HERBRAND"


Historical tram car "MAINZ 1929"


Historical tram car "LILPOP"

Modernisations of the trams

Technical Plant offers comprehensive renovations, including restoration of box geometry and bodywork's strengthening. Renovation includes modernization of:


range of modernisation must be
  • car power transmission system
  • carriages
  • car interior
  • driver's cabin
  • passenger doors.

Modernization works effects

  • practical knowledge of modern systems
  • in-use verification of their effectiveness and reliability
  • knowledge of new technologies and work methods
  • co-operation with recognised partners
  • developing new concepts
  • introducing modern work methods
  • developing proper introduction procedures
  • higher technical level of the services offered.


The choice of modernisation concepts

The range of modernisation must be determined on the basis of technical and economic analyses which show efficiency and profitability of the proposed changes. The following factors must be included in the analysis:

  • preparing an index of justified modernization options, both already introduced and proven effective as well as the planned ones
  • calculating the total costs of introducing each of the options
  • analysis of savings (both measurable and immeasurable) which would result from the following proposals:
  • comparing the utilization parameters of the new equipment with the operation, check-up and renovation norms of MPK - Łódź Spółka z o.o.
  • estimating immeasurable effects by means of the indicator method
  • the choice of the modernisation package best fitting with the company's financial capacity
  • combinations of modernisation options allow each user to make an optimal choice
  • it is also possible that, depending on the financial situation, the scope of modernisation can be widened or narrowed.


1.      Tramcar before modernisation


2.      Repairs of tramcar’s structure


3.      Tramcar protection against corrode


4.      Installation of the external plate, floor and new design


5.      Varnishing and installation of cable system


6.      Installation of internal equipment


Picture gallery of modernised trams)


General works include:

power transmission system

  • direct current power transmission - chopper
  • alternating current power transmission
  • transformation of the traditional power transmission system into the newest version commissioned by a customer
  • application of static converter


  • second degree springing
  • modernisation of transmission gear
  • wheel edges lubrication
  • sinter brake lining, plastic mud-guards

interior equipment

  • padded passengers seats (also "vandal-proof")
  • heating of the passenger compartment - thermo-regulation, heater screens removed
  • anti-sliding floor finish

driver's cabin

  • chair with a regulated back, head pad and folded arm-rests
  • regulated heating and ventilation
  • main board
  • separation of driver's cabin from the car

passenger door

  • IFE door drives (IGA)
  • doors opened by the passengers
  • colors of interiors and external surfaces as requested.

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